Various Junk That I Find Interesting

Below are some links to photos of stuff I find interesting or I have mentioned to other people over the years.
Most of these photos were taken from my personal collection or scanned from Magazines
I have collected during my travels.
See the bottom of the page for Copyright Information.
Some of these pictures are pretty huge and the quality is not so good,
for that I am sorry.... I only have so much time in the day to play with this stuff.

dcp02220.jpg (54771 bytes)dcp02221.jpg (80925 bytes)dcp02222.jpg (69357 bytes)
New for 2001 !!
1964 FJ45 Fire Truck.
Imported from Japan, 11,500 original KMS (7000 miles)
Runs perfect, needs to be repainted......

 My 1967 HJ45 Pickup, I purchased this truck in 1980 from Marv Specter.
After many years and many hours and many dollars I think it is finished.....
Current configuration: 1980 "2H" 6 cylinder Diesel engine,
60 series power steering, 5 speed transmission, late model split transfer case,
full floating rear axle with LSD differential, 70 series front axle with disk brakes,
air conditioning, custom canvas cargo cover.
Total dollars invested: $25,000???
Total Hours invested: About 10 years!
Toyota FQ-15 Truck.

Toyota FQ-15 Truck.

This is a Toyota FQ-15 Military Truck.
It was patterned after the Dodge M37 and manufactured in the 1950's for the
Japan Self Defense force and for the USA Military to use in
Korea and other parts of Asia. They are powered by the same engine that is
used in the Land Cruiser. They came in two basic models.
The FQ-10 and the FQ-15. They had different Wheel base and some
other differences (Details to come later).
This truck had about 300 total miles on it and was set up
as a bomb disposal truck.
After my failure to obtain the vehicle it was crushed for scrap....

HQ! HQ! HQ! 
The long sought after HQ has been found. This vehicle was
imported from Japan after a 10 year quest. It is very rough and will
undergo a restoration. Has 26,000 original KMS (15,000 miles)
Dated 1968 as best as I can tell... Uses Toyota "H" 6 cylinder diesel.
toyota HQ15 toyota HQ-15 toyota HQ15

dcp02635.jpg (84754 bytes) dcp02648.jpg (63600 bytes)
1965 Toyota Publica Model UP-10
The red one has 30,000 original miles.
The white one is a UP-20 (For Sale!)

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dcp02909.jpg (92815 bytes)
Publica and Firetruck being used in M&M's Commercial

dcp02553.jpg (63352 bytes)
1989 BJ73

motra motra motra
1984 Honda Motra
50cc engine, 3 speed auto shift transmission 2 speed transfer (Honda 3x2)

monkey monkey monkey
Honda Monkey Z50
50cc engine, 3 speed auto shift transmission.

honda motocompo honda moto compo
Honda MotoCompo. Foldable bike designed to store in the
back of the Honda City car. Automatic clutch with variable drive. 50cc 2 cycle engine with oil injection.
Photos thanks to Mr. Dick Tait.

bj74-1.jpg (34078 bytes)bj74-2.jpg (54367 bytes)
1989 BJ74 I owned while living in Japan.
13BT diesel, 5 speed, cable lockers!

Toyota Toyopet Pickup Truck.

Toyota Toyopet Pickup Truck.

Toyota Toyopet Pickup. This vehicle was on display at the Tokyo Motor Show.
It was fully restored by Toyota and was quite nice.
This unit is quite rare and is the only one of its kind I have ever seen...
Anybody have any other info on these trucks?

Early Land Cruiser Wagon.
Early Land Cruiser Wagon.

Early Land Cruiser Pickup.

These vehicles were found rotting in the brush in the country side of Japan.
The Wagon was about a 1965 and had 8000 Kilometers on it (4500 miles).
The Pickup was a mid 1970's and also very low miles.
The owner of these trucks was unable to register them for usage in Japan due to the funny regulations there..
Even though, he would not sell them for any price.
They were just sitting and rusting away.
Notice the Ambulance style rear doors on the wagon...
Rotting Land Cruiser Fire Truck.
Rotting Land Cruiser Fire Truck.

These are pictures of Toyota "BJ" Land Cruiser Fire Trucks.
These were made in late 50's and are probably the rarest of Land Cruisers on the face of the earth.
You thought the pictures of the wagon and pickup above were gut wrenching...
When I see these photos I re-live the nausea I felt seeing these gems rusting in the Bamboo....
UPDATE 9/2001
The three vehicles shown above were sold to the Toyota factory in Japan after sitting
for 10 years after these photos were taken. The factory removed all the fire fighting
equipment and combined the 3 vehicles into one restored BJ Jeep style vehicle.
They had to reconstruct the rear bed of the Jeep style from old drawings, photos and
another BJ Jeep that was restored by another person in Japan.
Photos at some later time....
My 1980 Toyota Blizzard

RHD, 4 Cyl "2L" Diesel Engine

Early 60's FJ25 Fire Truck.
This truck was sitting in a wrecking yard that I visited in Japan.
I think it had about 400 total miles on it.
It had been sitting for the past 10 years and I am sure it is there to this day....
mega1mega2 mega3
Here is the Japanese "Jamvee".
This vehicle was designed by Toyota as a High Mobility Vehicle.
You can see that it is almost an exact duplicate of the US Army Humvee.
Click on thumbnail for a larger view.

Copy of a Story I wrote for a Japanese Magazine "CCV".
I sold an engine from a Nissan Patrol to a company that used it as a electrical generator in an oil field.
the engine runs off of natural gas that is produced along with the crude oil.
This engine runs 24 hours a day and has had surprisingly little down time in 2 years.
Since it runs under full load constantly, we can approximate that to driving a
car down the road at 60 Mph.
We calculated this engine has the equivalent of
1,000,000 miles driven so far....
Patrol Engine
My FJ45 Wagon in the Toyota factory 80 series sale brochure.
My truck is on display in the Specter Off Road Museum.
Toyota called them and asked for an early wagon to use in their promotion. Specter rented them my wagon.
It has actually been used in 2 or 3 different years sales brochures.
 FJ45 Wagon


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